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School is the initial step in the educational process and in the development of personality. Its main task is to give the student the minimum of knowledge and skills that will allow him to start an independent life. Today's world is changing rapidly, therefore society makes increased demands on the modern school.
We are focused on accountability for results and professionalism. Teaching is hard work, and the level of professionalism of the teacher must be extremely high. The teachers of the KazGASA school work on disclosing the abilities of each student, educate individuals who are ready for life in a high-tech, competitive world. From our point of view, it is ideal when the teacher conducts both teaching practice, and his own research, and his own development.
The training program in our school allows us to meet the individual needs of each child in in-depth study of subjects, and for this we use an individual approach.
Currently, the school is implementing an educational program of basic and general secondary education, as well as an additional school component that can satisfy the needs of children and their parents, especially in the creative direction: drawing, painting, sculpture, composition, prototyping and modeling. That is why studying at KazGASA schools is not only useful, but also exciting.
Our school, in which we give the opportunity to create beautiful things, is a portal through which children enter the wonderful, amazing world of art. In our country, young creators cultivate the root of this very art in their hearts, and then, with their creativity, their works, their diligence, zeal and diligence, ignite everything and everyone around. And then parents, and their friends, and "acquaintances", and strangers, and small, and old - all breathe art, love it, live and appreciate it.
Our school students are winners of subject Olympiads and many significant creative competitions held at the city, republican and international levels.
In 2015, the KazGASA school received the status of a UNESCO Club, whose mission is to contribute to building peace and human development through education, science, culture, communication and information.
Graduates of the KazGASA school are educated, competitive, spiritually rich individuals, ready for a conscious choice and mastering a profession, and, in addition, they know how to create beautiful things! We affirm that there are no unsuccessful people. Anyone can be successful if given the appropriate opportunities. We try to provide such opportunities to everyone!
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