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The teaching staff of KazGASA are highly qualified specialists, most of whom have many years of teaching experience. Our teachers have many advantages, and some of them are a creative approach, fresh ideas, energy, and work for a result! Continuous improvement of the quality and effectiveness of teaching is a sine qua non for all teachers. We are confident that you will be satisfied with the quality and level of teaching of our school!
Bagila K. Kuzutbaeva
History teacher
Kundyz S. Alenova
Teacher of maths
Nazigul Ye. Ibraeva
Teacher of arts, drawing, painting
Gulvira K. Bayasilova
Teacher of Fine Arts, Drawing, Painting, Deputy Director for SD
Mereke M. Yeszhanova
IT teacher
Nurgul M. Issatay
English teacher
Roza M. Zhakipova
Fine art, drawing, painting teacher
Raushan Zh. Sataeva
Biology teacher
Aidana B. Begalieva
English teacher
Olzhas B. Kussainov
Teacher of physics
Zhuldyz B. Zhumatova
Teacher of the Kazakh language and literature
Zeine K. Urustemova
Teacher of the Kazakh language and literature
Zhadyra A. Turapova
Technology teacher
Nazgul T. Safullina
Teacher of the Kazakh language and literature
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