Admission rules

The KazGASA profile school accepts citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan and foreign citizens permanently residing in the Republic of Kazakhstan (with Russian education), and stateless persons;

Admission to KazGASA school is carried out throughout the academic year;

Enrollment is made from grades 5 to 11;

Applicants to the KazGASA school attach to their application for admission a birth certificate (copy), an individual child's card, 4 3x4 photographs (+ electronic version), etc .;

Acceptance of incoming documents is carried out by the Admissions Committee of KazGASA. All applicants must pass a creative exam (drawing, painting, composition);

The basic entrance exams in mathematics and the Russian language in the form of testing are also passed;
Competition rules
Rules for the competition of students for training in grades 5-11 of the school of KazGASA

- Comprehensive assessment of the knowledge of applicants in the following subjects:
- Maths (test)
- Russian language (test)
- Painting
- Composition

Admission to the School is carried out on the basis of the results of the selection of children, carried out in order to identify their creative abilities in the field of visual arts. The selection of children is carried out in the form of creative tasks to determine whether children have abilities in the field of fine arts:

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