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List of required art materials for the disciplines Drawing,
Painting and Sculpture

  • Pencils of different softness (H2, H, HB, B, B2, (B4,8,12));
  • Drawing folder – A3;
  • Folder for Watercolor – A3;
  • Additional A1 formats for tablets;
  • Cutter, sharpener, eraser, nag, buttons, construction scotch tape (paper), “siphon” glass, palette;
  • Gouache;
  • Watercolors (Sonnet firm);
  • Artistic brushes in a set (“Squirrel” for watercolors of different numbers (No. 2, 6, 8) and synthetic flat brushes for working with gouache)
  • Tablet size: 45x55cm. – 2 pcs.
  • Sculptural gray plasticine – 1 large pack
  • Sculpture Stack Set


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