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In this section you can familiarize yourself with the most frequent questions and answers to them. For more information – leave a request.

Studying proccess

QUESTION: Is there an entrance exam for admission to your KazGASA school?
ANSWER: Yes, entrance exam in subjects such as mathematics, language of instruction and creativity (drawing).
QUESTION: What languages are taught at the School?
ANSWER: Kazakh, Russian and English languages are studied in our school.
QUESTION: Does the lyceum provide all the necessary teaching materials?
ANSWER: Our students are fully provided with textbooks and teaching aids.
QUESTION: What time do lessons begin and end?
ANSWER: Lessons start at 8:30 am and end at 4:25 pm.
QUESTION: Is there a school uniform requirement?
ANSWER: We have a classic dress code, according to the decree of the Ministry of Education.
QUESTION: How do you track your progress?
ANSWER: The number of students in classes is twelve to sixteen people. In a team of this size, no one is deprived of attention or distraction. We are attentive to the interests of children. For example, if a child’s soul lies in physics, then we offer him to prepare projects, participate in olympiads, consult with teachers to a greater extent, and so on.
QUESTION: According to the schedule on the website, the children are with you 5 days a week, from 8 am to 4:30 pm. Is the load too heavy?
ANSWER: The schedule includes time for rest, food, extra activities, and even homework. After the fifth lesson – lunch with a big break. In the afternoon, the guys are engaged only in electives, circles, do their homework.
QUESTION: Are you focused on education or do you want your child not to complain about anything to their parents?
ANSWER: We are focused on creating an environment where children want to learn. It is the child’s right to complain or not. We are always ready to talk with parents outside the meetings. But they also know that we don’t give marks for nothing. The teacher can be persuaded to correct the conditional “four” for “five” if they show a good result at the Olympiad in the subject.

School enrollment procedure

QUESTION: Is school enrollment only in September?
ANSWER: School enrollment is carried out during the summer vacation period, as well as throughout the year.
QUESTION: What classes are the sets made to?
ANSWER: The set is open for grades 5-11.
QUESTION: How to transfer from another school to you?
ANSWER: Successfully pass the exams, the further transfer procedure is standard (arrival, departure, application, Agreement and student’s package of documents).

School life

QUESTION: What clubs and sections are there in the school?
ANSWER: The KazGASA school has the following circles and sections: Sculpture, painting, drawing, drawing, design and prototyping.
QUESTION: How to sign up for a club?
ANSWER: Club activities are held in all classes on a scheduled basis.
QUESTION: Is it possible to take a tour of the school?
ANSWER: Yes, we regularly have open house days. Preferably after lunch (Thursday, Friday)


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