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School history

The school was founded in 2000


History of KazGASA school

The school was founded in 2000. The school at the Kazakh Head of Architecture and Civil Engineering Academy (hereinafter referred to as the School at KazGASA) is focused on teaching children from grades 1 to 11. The educational activities of the school staff are carried out on the basis of the regulatory and legal framework: licenses for educational activities: License No. 0009804 dated 05.09.2002, No. 0133/02061 dated 22.10.2014;The school provides educational services in accordance with the state education standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The school provides general education and in-depth study of academic subjects in accordance with the profile:

Drawing and painting

Students will learn how to get started with a still life, landscape, portrait, etc., how to divide the work into stages correctly, and how to complete the work correctly.

Architecture and design

We are ready to acquaint you with the fascinating world of architecture and design, teach you to think and be creative in solving professional problems.

Construction technologies

The purpose of the discipline is to form the student’s knowledge of the main types of new modern technologies in construction production.

The school provides students with the opportunity to receive a quality education, the implementation of creative requests, and an independent choice of subjects for in-depth study. For this purpose, Olympiads, contests, quizzes, scientific and practical conferences, debates are held, and the participation of schoolchildren in regional, city, regional and republican Olympiads and competitions is ensured.

On October 27, 2015, the republican reporting and election conference of the Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs was held. As a result of long preparatory work, the school at KazGASA was able to apply for the status of a member of the Club. The school is a full member of the UNESCO club, which gives students ample opportunities to participate in international projects. In recent years, the school has been significantly replenished with technical teaching aids, the necessary equipment for classes in classrooms, including multimedia boards. In the 2019-2020 academic year, the school conducted the first enrollment in primary grades, in connection with which the material and technical base of the school was significantly strengthened.

From among the teaching staff in the current academic year: 1 – candidate of sciences, PhD and undergraduates -12, the highest category – 4, the first and second categories – 15. The teaching staff of the school is working on the methodological topic “Improving the educational process by increasing the level of professional competence of teachers.” Teachers work on the problems of enhancing the cognitive activity of students in the classroom and after school hours, developing students’ interest in knowledge. Through their tireless work, teachers achieve deep and lasting knowledge of students, linking theoretical material with life.

The school has a strong qualified teaching staff. The educational process over the past 5 years has been carried out by the teaching staff:


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