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School of the future KazGASA School

Imagine that your children are in such a school. The future is already here.
The new building of the KazGASA school will open its doors on September 1, 2022.

Lobby of KazGASA school

The lobby is a cozy place where you can comfortably spend time while you are expecting your child. The spacious waiting room has soft sofas, large windows, landscaping and books for your leisure time to benefit.

2nd floor of KazGASA school - study rooms

On the 2nd floor of our school there are classrooms equipped with high-resolution interactive whiteboards, comfortable specialized desks for study, with spacious windows and all the amenities for students.

2nd floor KazGASA - assembly hall

The assembly hall of the KazGASA school is equipped with the latest technologies – interactive whiteboards and projectors. With their help, it will be possible to conduct online seminars and conferences, show slides, videos and diagrams, which will improve the learning process and the assimilation of knowledge by students. And also the design of the hall was designed in such a way as to be comfortable for every child.

3rd floor of KazGASA school - media library

The school media library is a structural unit that includes a collection of books and a variety of technical and informational means, has a pedagogically grounded set of equipment and furniture for storing books, information and technical means, a reading room with various work areas, where favorable conditions for individualization and development of creative abilities of students.

3rd floor KazGASA - art workshops

The school’s art workshop is designed in a minimalist style: the white walls of the office complement the drawings and works of students, which visually makes the office spacious and comfortable. The cabinet is equipped with all the necessary utensils such as canvases, cabinets for storing office supplies, as well as comfortable workspaces.

3rd floor KazGASA - drawing rooms

A multimedia drawing room for training future architects, designers and builders is a significant part of the KazGASA school complex. Its correct design, the availability of modern equipment and methodical literature will contribute to a better assimilation of both theoretical and practical knowledge. A properly equipped classroom can provide creative development and stimulate students to work independently.

Advanced physics and English classrooms

Equipping classrooms with technical teaching aids, classroom design, creating a comfortable psychological climate play an important role in the process of mastering the subject and developing the creative potential of students. In the classrooms of the KazGASA school, all the conditions for the convenience of your child are considered while being in the classrooms.

Physics room

We offer modern and high-quality educational equipment and a program, thanks to which the study of the subject of physics will become more effective and interesting.

Drawing room

The drawing room meets the requirements of the present. The use of presentations during the lesson, the opportunity to get acquainted with the existing software for creating drawings serves both the general development of the horizons and the understanding of the goals and objectives of this discipline.

English language room - Almaty

This is a small window to an English-speaking country. Therefore, the more effort is invested in its design and equipment, the easier it will be for students to tune in to learning English. The efficiency of the learning process increases the use of the computer.

English room - Nur-Sultan -

The English language room is a work with various training programs, which allows not only to train memory, but also to significantly increase the level of English proficiency. This process allows you to plunge into the world of “living” English.



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