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Alumni interviews


Bazhanov Bogdan

In an interview, Bogdan talks about himself and his school life. KazGASA highly appreciated his studies at the school. Since childhood, Bogdan associates himself with creativity, with paper, and then plans to study directly at the KazGASA Academy itself. And so it happened.
Year of issue: 2021

Lebedev Vladislav

Vladislav loves to express his thoughts and ideas through paper and paint. He believes that it is not necessary to create something special in creativity, the main thing is that the work reflects its individuality.
Year of issue: 2021

Bazilzhanov Abylai

Abylai describes himself as a cheerful person, the “soul” of the company. In his work, Abylai pours out his soul and shows what is inside him. The alumnus shared his expectations and experiences on the path to adulthood after school.
Year of issue: 2021


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