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Admission rules

Admission rules

Competition rules

Rules for the competition of students for training in grades 1-11 of the school of KazGASA

– Comprehensive assessment of the knowledge of applicants in the following subjects:
– Maths (test)
– Russian language (test)
– Painting
– Composition

Entrance exams are held throughout the academic year.
The interview dates are set as the children are ready.

List for registration of a training contract:

Retirement coupon (from the previous place of study);
Copy of birth certificate;
IIN copy;
Report cards for all years of study (original);
Photo 3 * 4 – 4 pcs. (and on electronic media);
Address reference (if necessary/on request);
Copies of the Parents’ Identity Card;
Certificate of employment (one of the parents);
Medical documents (Health passport, individual child card, vaccination card – a list of professional examination of specialists).

The list of PROPHYLACTIC CHECK-UP (health center – room 117 – 1st floor of the GUK KazGASA):

5-grade (10-11 years old) – pediatrician
6th grade (12 years old) – pediatrician, ophthalmologist, endocrinologist
7th grade (13 years old) – pediatrician,
Grade 8 (14 years old) – pediatrician, dentist, neuropathologist, ENT, ophthalmologist.
Grade 9 (15 years old) – girls pediatrician, neuropathologist, ENT, ophthalmologist, endocrinologist, chest X-ray.
9th grade (15 years old) – young pediatrician, ENT, neuropathologist, surgeon, urologist, ophthalmologist, endocrinologist, chest X-ray.
10th grade (16 years old) – pediatrician (GP-doctor), ophthalmologist, chest X-ray.
11th grade (17 years old) – therapist (GP-doctor), ENT, ophthalmologist, chest X-ray, neuropathologist, surgeon, endocrinologist.

Students under 15 years of age should be vaccinated with the Mantoux test at the place of residence in the clinic, if a refusal to conduct a test, then it is necessary to write a statement – a refusal (addressed to the school doctor Botabaeva N.A); From 15 years of age chest fluorography (the limitation period is allowed up to 1 year).

The cost of studying at the KazGASA School for grades 1-8, 10 (for 9 months of study) is 1 800 000 KZT per year or 200 000 KZT per month;
for graduating grades 9 and 11 – 2 000 000 KZT per year
(since graduating classes are paid for 10 months from September to June inclusive).

For the transitioning contingent, the cost of training is 150 000 KZT per month.
The amount of a one-time entrance fee is 100 000 KZT.

The cost of training includes:
Compulsory state program
Additional education (circles)
Three and two meals a day

The KazGASA school has a delivery service for children with all conditions for comfort.
The cost of transportation is 30,000 KZT per month (within the city).

The KazGASA School provides applicants and students with the following discounts:
5% discount if paid for a year;
7% discount for each student for members of the same family of the first degree of kinship, for each child (siblings of students in the structures of the IЕC);
50% discount on the first month of study, for students living in nearby areas;
7% discount for the entire training period for children of IЕC employees entering the KazGASA School (work experience of more than 1 year);
10% discount for one year of study for high performance in entrance exams.

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